Are you pregnant? Here are 10 signs that you may be expecting


Nausea is common in early pregnancy. (Source: Getty Images)

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, maybe it’s time to reach out for a pregnancy test!

If your period is late

This is the first telling sign that you may be pregnant. If your period is late or you’ve missed one, when you’re otherwise quite regular, it makes sense to take a pregnancy test. You might even experience slight bleeding or cramping.

Are you short of breath?

Once you’re pregnant, the foetus requires oxygen and as it grows, can put pressure on your lungs. So if you’re suddenly short of breath when climbing stairs, take a moment and ask yourself if you’re pregnant. Check on other signs as well.

Are you feeling exhausted?

You may also experience fatigue during the day simply going about your normal routine. If this feels unusual, this might be a sign. Get yourself checked, besides getting rested, of course!

If your breasts are sore

Breasts tend to be tender in early pregnancy and may even get a little leaky. It might hurt when you’re wearing your bra. If you’re experiencing all these symptoms, chances are that you may be pregnant.

If you’re experiencing nausea

Do you feel like throwing up in the morning? Yes, like they show in all the movies, nausea is common in the early weeks of pregnancy. It could very well be the stomach bug too, but if you have frequent bouts of morning sickness or a metallic taste in your mouth, it makes sense to check.

If you’re urinating more

If your bladder is suddenly overactive, it could be because of the extra fluids you body produces during pregnancy. If it’s nothing to do with recent changes in your diet, then you could be pregnant!

If your head or back hurts

If you’re suddenly prone to headaches, it could be pregnancy hormones that are causing it. It could very well just be other stuff, too, but check for other symptoms and if they tally, it’s a good idea to check for pregnancy. A sore back is also a sign that you may be pregnant.

If you’re craving food

Are you suddenly put off by food that you earlier loved? Or are craving certain things at odd moments? These unexplained urges that occur in over 50 per cent women could mean that a baby is along the way!

If you’re having mood swings

No, it’s not PMS, it’s something more…if something trivial can trigger a bout of extreme emotion, it’s probably not you, but your coming baby! Mood swings are common in the beginning and during the end of pregnancy.

If you’re experiencing dizziness

Fainting and nausea are sure signs if you go by what they show in Bollywood. However, this is true, too, and fainting spells can be triggered by dehydration or low blood pressure.