What Is Satiating Diet? Is It Better Than Other Trending Diets?

What Is Satiating Diet? Is It Better Than Other Trending Diets?

With the rise in number of people suffering from obesity, the importance of following weight loss diets is gaining momentum. There are a lot of fad diets in today’s time that claim to cut down weight quickly. But these diets follow a restrictive pattern and eliminate one or more class of foods, which are otherwise essential for our nutritional needs. For instance, the hugely popular keto diet lets you eat only high-fat, high-protein foods but disregards carbohydrates completely. And, there are some diets that rely on carbohydrates and fibres, but shun away fatty foods. Following any of these diet means that you’ll have to shun some kind of foods that you had been consuming regularly till now.

Going on such diets may help you lose weight faster but might backfire later. Feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration may crawl in, which will eventually make you eat more to beat the stress. Moreover, all kind of foods are important for normal functioning of the body. You need carbs as much as you need fats. So now, the health experts have come to a conclusion that the most beneficial and sustainable way of maintaining weight is to eat to your heart’s content.


Satiating Diet for Weight Loss: The best way of maintaining weight is to eat to your heart’s content

What Is Satiating Diet?

A new version of diet – satiating diet – is making news these days for its positive approach towards weight loss. It proposes eating nutrition-rich foods that fill the stomach and satiate the appetite to the hilt. A satiating diet consists of foods that are high in fibre (like breads), protein (like eggs), healthy fats (like avocados), dairy products (like yogurt) and fruits and vegetables. All these foods have their own individual nutritional properties that contribute in bringing health and wellness to us.

Some foods are good for heart health, some are good for digestion and some protect the body from harmful free radicals. Is satiating diet the best diet for weight control? Will it be successful in the long run, negating the effects of other factors like irregular sleeping, long working hours etc.? We are not sure. However, we do believe in following a balanced diet and fulfilling all our nutritional requirements.