Want A Younger Looking Skin? Add These 8 Foods In Your Diet

Want A Younger Looking Skin? Add These 8 Foods In Your Diet

Ageing is part and parcel of life. With time, our body starts signalling multiple signs of ageing. Your skin itself can show multiple signs of ageing. You might have dark spots, patchy skin. Your skin might dry up, wrinkles can start forming up, which can make your skin look glow less. Factors like pollution, brutal summer heat, stress due to workload can lead to faster ageing of skin. There are many effective ways of managing your skin to prevent skin ageing. The market is full of skincare products with each brand promising guaranteed results in a short-term period. But how about nourishing skin with nutrient rich foods? A diet can help in preventing signs of ageing skin and we are here to tell you about the same.

Add these 8 foods in your diet as they can help in preventing signs of ageing and help your skin look younger:

1. Green tea: We would kick off with green tea. A cup of tea can provide us with the much-needed energy for a hectic work schedule and we are familiar with the goodness of green tea. The antioxidant rich tea can help in fighting off free radicals. The polyphenol content of green tea can help in protecting collagen, the main protein in your skin and can protect you from sun damage.


The antioxidant rich tea can help in fighting off free radicals
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2. Extra virgin olive oil: A healthy source of fat, olive oil has got anti-inflammatory properties. This gives olive oil the power to fight against sun damage. The monosaturated fat content of olive oil can further help in increasing in skin elasticity and firmness. This way, the beneficial oil can help your skin glow for a longer time.

3. Dark chocolate: Another antioxidant rich food, dark chocolate is rich in flavanols. This antioxidant can protect your skin from sun damage. It can also improve skin’s thickness, smoothness and hydration.

4. Pomegranates: This juicy fruit is also a rich source of antioxidants. The antioxidant content of pomegranates can provide sun protection, thus protecting you from sun damage.


The antioxidant content of pomegranates can provide sun protection
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5. Avocados: This creamy delicious fruit is loaded with fibre, healthy fats and vitamins. Avocados contain a unique compound called polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols, which has got anti-inflammatory properties, further protecting your skin from sun damage.

6. Tomatoes: Fresh, red tomatoes are high in lycopene. This compound can help in preventing wrinkles and protecting your skin from sun damage. Cook tomatoes with olive oil for a delicious, skin healthy food. Olive oil can help in absorption of lycopene in your body.


7. Vegetables: Look out for vegetables loaded with beta carotene and vitamin-C. Beta carotene rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin can help in preventing skin damage done by sun. Meanwhile, vitamin-C rich vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens like broccoli can increase collagen production.

8. Spices: Eve spices can be beneficial for your skin. Spices like cinnamon can increase collagen production, which can increase your skin’s firmness and elasticity. Ginger can also help your skin. Ginger contains gingerol, an anti-inflammatory compound which can help in preventing age spots which might develop due to sun exposure.

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