Nick Jonas’s ex Olivia Culpo copies dress. Internet tears her apart

Diet Prada trolls Olivia Culpo for copying designs

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are living their best life in paradise after their marriage. But, it seems like all is not well for Nick’s ex Olivia Culpo, who has found herself in a middle of a controversy.

Popular Instagram account, Diet Prada, known for savagely trolling fashion designers trying to sell fake and inspired copies, recently called out Olivia Culpo for shamelessly copying someone else’s design.

Olivia had recently launched her own fashion line with a clothing brand called Marled by Reunited Clothing and had given an interview to a magazine.

In the interview, she had said that she doesn’t fear Diet Prada coming after her because she has “classic taste” and doesn’t copy other people’s design.

But Nick’s ex found herself in a bit of a situation when Diet Prada called her out for selling a copy of another dress under her brand. The dress was an exact rip-off of an outfit from another brand which…wait for it…she had wore herself for a press event in Ibiza in June 2018. Ouch!

The post was shared on Instagram with the caption, “Dieters, would you consider a hot pink sequin 3/4-sleeve mini wrap dress classic enough to evade being labeled a copy?

@oliviaculpo’s collab with @express features a deja vu-inducing dress that resembles a @retrofete dress that Culpo herself wore at a @fwrd press event in Ibiza in June 2018 (an exclusive colorway for the retailer). The #expressXoliviaculpo collection drops today lol. [Quoted text from an interview with @fashionweekdaily about her collab with Marled by Reunited Clothing.]”

One can clearly see in the picture that the dress is an exact dupe of the dress that Culpo wore to the event in 2018.